Xiqing District Yangliuqing Xinmao Industrial Metro introduction of ground-source heat pump energy-efficient systems

Yangliuqing Xinmao Industrial Metro introduces new technology of high efficient energy-saving system of ground-source heat pump to reduce energy consumption per unit of enterprise. Ground source heat pump is a use of shallow underground geothermal resources both heating and cooling energy efficient air-conditioning system. Ground-source heat pump by entering a small amount of high-grade energy (electricity), you can achieve energy transfer from low temperature heat source to high temperature heat source. In winter, the heat in the soil is "taken" out to increase the temperature and then supplied to the room for heating. In the summer, the heat in the room is taken out and released into the soil so as to effect cooling or heating. The system has no waste water, exhaust emissions, not only environmentally friendly but also high energy efficiency. At the same time, ground source heat pump air conditioning system can provide both cooling, heating, single system dual use, saving a lot of initial investment. This clean and energy efficient new technology will bring greater business opportunities for Xinmao Industrial City.