Floor tile price calculation and saving money and practical strategy highlights

Floor tiles are relatively large building materials in the home decoration, how to calculate the price of floor tiles? It is understood that the price of floor tiles in the market is not uniform, and when the price of home decoration is calculated, it should be calculated according to the area of ​​home decoration. The price of floor tiles is not simple to buy, and there are several calculation methods. The following small series will recommend some practical floor tile price accounting methods for you.

Floor tile price calculation: 1, the area of ​​the tile

The price of floor tiles is calculated: tiles can be sold in blocks or sold in square meters. Calculate the area to be laid before purchasing tiles. Some building materials stores have conversion charts, and the number of tiles required can be found according to the area. Some charts can find the amount of tiles as long as they know the height and width of the tiled wall. Some tile boxes will also list the size of a box of tiles. Roughly calculated, the area of ​​80 square meters can be calculated by 640 pieces of tiles of about 14 cm square or 320 pieces of tiles of 20 cm square. After calculating the total number, a certain amount of spares should be added, because it is inevitable that there is a loss when paving. You can also use this formula to roughly calculate the amount of tiles required: (decorative area ÷ each tile area) × (1 + 3%), which is the number of tiles required for construction, of which 3% is the construction loss.

Floor tile price calculation: If you want to use some brightly colored tiles or patterned tiles in plain tiles, you can first design the tiled wall on the chart, so it is convenient to estimate the quantity. You can also cut the paper into a tile size and stick it on the wall to calculate the height and width of the tiled tile area. Although it takes some time to do this, you can see the effect of the paving in advance. Sometimes the color of each box of tiles will be slightly different, so mix well before laying. If possible, it is best to buy the same batch of boxed tiles.

Floor tile price calculation: 2, tile decoration materials accounting

The auxiliary materials used for paving tiles mainly include: ordinary cement, white cement, medium sand, 107 glue, etc. For paving wall tiles, 11 kg of ordinary cement, 33 kg of medium sand, 2 kg of lime, and 2 square meters of floor tiles per square meter. Rice requires 12.5 kg of ordinary cement and 34 kg of medium sand. White cement is used for post-sealing and is about 0.5 kg per square meter.

Floor tile price calculation: 3, the price of tiles

Floor tile price calculation: common floor tiles have side lengths of 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm. There are also many floor tiles with larger sizes. From the production process can be divided into two types of bricks and glazed tiles. The whole body brick is divided into two types: non-slip brick and polished brick, but the polished brick of the same color is about 120% higher than the price of the non-slip brick. The price of the domestic non-slip brick is 35 yuan W64 per square meter; 50 yuan, the price of polished brick 80 yuan per square meter W64; 110 yuan.

Floor tile price calculation: glazed tiles occupy most of the market share of tile products. The price of medium and low-grade glazed tiles ranges from 50 yuan to 80 yuan per square meter, and the price of medium and high-grade glazed tiles ranges from 90 yuan to 130 yuan per square meter. The price of high-grade glazed tiles is basically between 130 yuan and 170 yuan per square meter. .

The price of floor tiles is calculated: the use of ceramic tiles in the bathroom to decorate the wall and the ground is already customary. In fact, the tiles can be used in other ways in the bathroom. Because the bathroom is damp, try to use a tiled locker instead of the usual bathroom furniture. It is not only easy to clean, durable, but also easier to harmonize with the wall and the floor. Of course, it is also a good idea to build a bathtub or shower screen with tiles.

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