The machinery industry has entered a critical stage of deterioration, and the adjustment structure is the focus.

Abstract The international financial crisis is ostensibly an impact on the speed of economic growth, which is essentially an impact on the mode of economic development. Deep-seated contradictions such as irrational industrial structure and extensive growth mode are the fundamental crux of plaguing and restricting the sustainable development of the machinery industry. In this regard, in...

The international financial crisis is ostensibly an impact on the speed of economic growth, and is essentially an impact on the way the economy develops. Deep-seated contradictions such as irrational industrial structure and extensive growth mode are the fundamental crux of plaguing and restricting the sustainable development of the machinery industry.

In this regard, Wang Ruixiang, president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said recently that the machinery industry is at a critical stage in the industry's qualitative change. The core problem of the mechanical industry becoming a big change is to adjust the industrial structure, change the development mode, and ensure the quality of the industry. Effective running track.

Wang Ruixiang emphasized that the machinery industry must further implement the "two industries adjustment and revitalization plan" ("equipment manufacturing adjustment and revitalization plan" and "automobile industry adjustment and revitalization plan"), based on the long-term, sturdy innovation drive, endogenous The foundation of growth, seize the commanding heights of industrial development in the post-crisis era.

Adjusting the structure is a priority
The urgent task for the development of the machinery industry is to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure. According to the China Machinery Industry Federation, the machinery industry should proceed from the overall requirements of the national economic development in accordance with the principle of "two industrial adjustment and revitalization plans", and adhere to the idea of ​​"based on the current, long-term, solid foundation, overall improvement". Combine market competition and policy guidance, adhere to the combination of openness and independent innovation, adhere to the combination of industrial restructuring and deepening enterprise reform, adhere to the combination of key development and comprehensive improvement; adjust the industrial structure as the main line, with major technical equipment and high-end CNC machine tools are the iconic breakthroughs, based on key infrastructure and basic process innovations, with independent innovation and industrial agglomeration as accelerators, to enhance core competitiveness as the fundamental, solid and effective steadily advance.

The main tasks of the industrial restructuring of the machinery industry are: using information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, improve the automation, information and intelligence of production and processing, improve the quality of products with high-tech and advanced practical technologies, and promote the integration of informationization and industrialization. Relying on the national major science and technology projects and major technical equipment projects, we will focus on breaking through the core technologies, key technologies, key equipment and key parts and components that restrict the development of the machinery industry, and improve the international competitiveness of the industry; develop low-carbon green manufacturing technology and put it on the market. It should be energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving, high-efficiency, low-pollution electromechanical products, develop environmentally friendly, intelligent and digital high-value-added products that meet industrial policies and market demands, and provide efficient and high-parameters that meet user requirements. Chemical, integrated and flexible equipment and production lines; accelerate the development of high-tech industrial clusters, support the development of new industries such as new energy, new materials, new technologies, information, energy conservation and environmental protection; accelerate the development of modern manufacturing services, support development with Labor intensive Industry; accelerate the phase-out and update the high energy consumption, high pollution, a serious drain on resources behind the products, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly industries.

Adjust product structure to improve growth quality
The machinery industry adjusts the industrial structure and transforms the development mode, which is ultimately reflected in the product structure adjustment and the quality of industrial growth. The main way to adjust the industrial structure of the pulse machinery industry, China National Machinery Association proposed several reference paths:

With national-level and industry-level engineering R&D centers and laboratories as the backbone, we will popularize the development of common industry technology development alliances and establish an independent innovation system as soon as possible. Efforts will be made to break through the key technologies that restrict industrial transformation and upgrading, and accelerate the transformation of China's machinery industry from technical imitation, technology tracking to technological innovation and technology integration, from medium and low-end equipment to high-end, top-grade technical equipment. It is necessary to innovate products and innovative processes to create more sophisticated machinery and equipment, and continuously improve the level of complete sets of technical equipment, high technology and autonomy.

The fixed assets investment and technological transformation specialization should be guided by the elimination of backward and compressed excess capacity, and resolutely curb low-level scale expansion. At the same time, it is necessary to curb the investment impulse of outreach development, pay more attention to the input of connotation development, and pay attention to human resources and management. Such as the improvement of soft power, and constantly provide intellectual support for industrial restructuring and revitalization.

Vigorously promote mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, encourage superior enterprises to strengthen alliances, cultivate a number of leading enterprises in the machinery industry, and enhance the concentration of industries; encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in the direction of “specialization, precision, speciality and newness” and continuously improve specialization. The level of cooperation enhances the vitality of the development of the machinery industry; supports the advantage of enterprises to acquire backward enterprises and difficult enterprises, accelerate the formation of a reasonable industrial chain for large and medium-sized enterprises, and the industrial organization system for cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, and accelerate the promotion of the main machinery industry.

Continue to follow the functionalization of the regional distribution of machinery industry production, guide the coastal areas to develop industrial groups that compete with the international market, support the development of characteristic superior enterprises in the Mainland, accelerate the transformation of old industrial bases such as the Northeast, and adhere to the global industrial division of labor and domestic regional distribution. Departure, strengthen the construction of industrial parks, and guide enterprises to gather and develop.

Product description:

Three-dimensional hard permeable tube (also known as: Plastic Blind Ditch, drain pipe, grain mesh permeable tube), hard water tube in the two-thirds upper part with holes, the lower part 1/3 is without hole, can prevent the leakage of groundwater occurs secondary, quickly come in the groundwater.

Products applied to the construction of railway construction, highway, airport runway, golf, football field, big lawn, garden greening, highway, landfill, slope protection, retaining walls, tunnels and other large channel underground waterproof engineering.

Product feature:

1.Light weight, easy to transport and install;

2.To adapt to the high temperature ;

3.anti-aging The service life is long;

4.Impact resistance against chemical corrosion resistance

5.Ability to collect rainwater(is 5 to 10 times that of other similar product);

6.The fluid flow rate;

7.For no-perforated at the bottom of the part, focus on rainwater flowing rapidly;


Technical parameters

The area of Collect rainwater part:65%-75%

The area of drainage Part:25%-35%

Perforation diameter:>3mm;

Opening ratio:>8000PCS/㎡;


Length:4m\6m\8m(Can be customized )


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