Machine tool enterprise structure adjustment products made breakthroughs

Abstract Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has made new breakthroughs in the lead screw and guide rail combination products to extend the market chain of rolling functional components to meet the market demand of ball screw and linear guide combination products. Hanchan's rolling function component research institute has been more than a year. Hard time...

Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. made new breakthroughs in lead screw and guide rail combination products
In order to extend the market of the rolling function component market and meet the market demand of the ball screw and linear guide combination products, Hanban Rolling Functional Parts Research Institute has been working hard for more than a year, and recently it is China Huadian Corporation and Yunnan Astronomical Observatory. The HJG-G30, HJG-G37, and HJG-G2738 series workbench developed and developed have been prototyped and passed the user acceptance, and have been delivered to users.

It is understood that Hanji Company's HJG-G30, HJG-G37 screw and guide rail combination products developed by China Huadian Corporation have special working environment requirements: first, the high concentration of dust in the air, and second, the temperature difference and humidity of the product. In order to ensure that the product can adapt to the harsh working environment, after careful design and repeated comparison tests by the participating technicians, the sealing and protection design of the workbench has been modified and perfected several times to fully satisfy the user's various requirements for the product. The user was very satisfied with the use of the first HJG-G30 prototype, and subsequently requested to update the HJG-G37 workbench. At present, the total order of the workbench has reached 10.

The HJG-G2738 workbench is an instrument for astronomical and meteorological inspection. The workbench consists of a base, 7 small workbench and auxiliary support. The design space is small and the rigidity of the workbench is high. After comparing the design schemes provided by many companies, the design is finally designed by Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. produce.

The development and trial production of HJG-G series workbench and the good use effect show that Hanji's screw and guide rail industry has greater development potential and good development prospects.

Wuzhong six series of products won the title of Wuhan famous brand products
On July 14, the Wuhan Municipal Government held the city's quality work conference, and made a grand commendation for the company that won the title of the first Wuhan famous brand product. The mayor of Wuhan, including Cheng Chengfa, and other government leaders issued certificates and bonuses to the commended enterprises.

The six series of products of "heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe, CNC vertical lathe, heavy-duty vertical hobbing machine, heavy-duty CNC milling and boring machine, and CNC non-falling wheel-to-turn lathe" produced by Wuzhong Group Co., Ltd. After the title of “provincial brand”, it has won the honor of “Wuhan Famous Brand Product”.

The six series of products once again won the title of famous brand products in Wuhan. This is the full affirmation of the quality of Wuzhong products by the society, and it is also the result of the hard work of the employees of Wuzhong who attach great importance to product quality and focus on brand building. Wuzhong people will use this as a driving force to do every detail of the machine tool, adhere to continuous improvement, and create high-quality products, truly satisfying the users, respecting the world, and not breaking the brilliant achievements of the innovation-oriented era.

Qizhong CNC 6.3m heavy-duty CNC sleeper developed successfully
Relying on the national “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment” technology major project, Qizhong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has made breakthroughs in independent innovation and developed the world's largest 6.3-meter heavy-duty CNC sleeper. Currently, the product has completed final assembly and entered. During the commissioning phase, the birth of this product means that China has taken a new height in the field of ultra-heavy CNC machine tool manufacturing.

Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. has successfully developed and manufactured a 250-ton workpiece super-heavy precision CNC roll grinder.
One of the major national science and technology projects undertaken and developed by Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., the world's largest "MKA84250/ 15000-H super heavy-duty precision CNC roll grinder" capable of top grinding 250 tons of workpieces, through the user Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant The final acceptance of the company has reached the world's advanced and leading level. Its successful development marks that the R&D and manufacturing of China's ultra-heavy precision CNC roll grinder has entered the world's advanced ranks, and it has also laid an important foundation for the replacement of imports with similar machine tools and localization and industrialization. It is reported that the project will be accepted in advance by the national major special project management department.

With the rapid development of the domestic steel industry in recent years, the demand for rolls has increased dramatically, but the key grinding machines and their manufacturing enterprises for large roll manufacturing are very rare. At present, there are only a handful of machine tool manufacturers in China that have the ability to manufacture roll grinders, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the steel industry in terms of specifications, performance and precision. Internationally, only manufacturers in Germany, Italy and other countries can produce high-precision heavy-duty CNC roll grinders, the largest workpiece can be ground for 150 tons, and the price is very expensive, the price is generally more than 50 million yuan.

Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. has a CNC roll grinder with a load of less than 80 tons. It has been mass-produced. The large-scale CNC roll grinder MK84200, which has been developed in recent years and can grind 100 tons of workpieces, has also been delivered to users. The performance accuracy is stable. The company develops heavy-duty CNC roll grinders. Has accumulated a wealth of experience. This time, the MKA84250/15000-H super heavy-duty precision CNC roll grinder developed for Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has a maximum grinding diameter of φ2.5m, an effective grinding workpiece length of 15m, and a maximum workpiece weight of 250 tons. The roundness is 0.003 mm and the surface roughness of the workpiece is 0.4 μm. The overall machine tool is at the international advanced level, especially the parameters such as the largest top grinding workpiece have reached the international leading level, filling the gap in the domestic super-high precision CNC roller grinding machine. The utility model solves the problem that the manufacturing capability of the domestic wide and thick plate supporting roller is insufficient, and at the same time can realize other functions such as grinding of the low-pressure rotor of the large-sized steam turbine.

The innovation of MKA84250/15000-H ultra-heavy precision CNC roll grinder is that it can meet the top grinding process of 250 tons of heavy-duty rolls, that is, the workpiece is supported on the top of both ends for grinding, achieving a maximum weight of 250 tons and a maximum diameter of 2.5m. High-precision grinding of rolls up to 15m in length ensures high-precision rotation. This structure integrates the highest level of precision manufacturing design technology and processing technology in China. The large-scale high-precision online measuring device breaks through the technical difficulties of how to solve the high-precision absolute size measurement of large-scale rotating parts. In addition, the innovative design of the wheel frame structure design of the heavy-duty roll grinder, the in-machine precision measurement of large rolls, the refinement technology of large ultra-precision bearings, and the high-performance headstock structure design ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool.

As a major national science and technology project, the “super heavy-duty precision CNC roll grinder” project and its technology are suitable for the development of China's steel industry, meeting the needs of shipbuilding for large-scale steel plate rolling, and can be further used for large-scale crankshaft grinding machines for ships. The development of large-scale grinding machines is of great significance to promote the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and related key industries.

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