Notice of changes in the anti-counterfeiting trademark

Abstract In order to make full use of the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting trademarks to ensure that “white pigeon” products are not counterfeited, the following anti-counterfeiting trademarks will be changed as follows: 1. The telephone number of anti-counterfeiting trademarks becomes: fixed electricity, mobile phone: 151...

In order to make full use of the characteristics of the anti-counterfeit trademarks and ensure that the "white pigeon" products are not counterfeited, the anti-counterfeiting trademarks are now subject to the following changes:
1. The inquiry telephone number of the anti-counterfeit trademark becomes: fixed electricity, mobile phone;
2. The color of the anti-counterfeit trademark changes once a year.
After the relevant units have received this notice, they will use the anti-counterfeiting trademarks according to the new standards.

 The hot dipped galvanized steel water tank defers to the GB code 92SS177 manufactured new type water tank. The manufacture and the installment of tank have no influence of the construction. There are not needed the welding apparatus, the surface is hot dipped galvanize antiseptic treatment. It's artistic durable, prevents two times pollution to water quality and it beneficial to human health. The water tank meets the construction product standardization, the serration and the factorization request. 

Hot Dip Galvanized Water Tank application:

1) Storage and regulation of living water supply & construction water supply;

2) Rainwater Harvesting & Storage;

3) Effluent / Acid and alkali solution treatment & storage;

4) Hosptial, buildings, building site, school and other place;

5) Temporary water storage for expansion of the heating system, condensate tank and construction, geological survey, industry,             national defense project etc.

Hot Dip Galvanized Water Tank

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