Board office furniture purchase knowledge

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The panel furniture has become a new family in the furniture category with its novel style, bright colors, clear wood grain and no deformation, no cracking, anti-mite and moderate price.

The following five points should be noted when purchasing panel furniture correctly:

1. Surface quality panel furniture is made of wood-based panels such as particleboard and medium-density fiberboard. The surface is decorated with melamine, PVC, wood veneer and paper wood grain. The pattern resembling wood grain is clear and natural, smooth and smooth. Has a good visual effect and feel. When purchasing, mainly look at the surface of the sheet for scratches, indentations, bubbling, degumming and peeling marks and other defects; whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth, do not have the feeling of artificial creation; for symmetrical furniture, more attention should be paid to the board. The consistency and harmony of the color and texture of the face make people feel that the symmetrical plate is like a piece of material.

Second, the production of quality panel furniture in the production of the formed sheet through the cutting saw, decorative edge banding, components assembled together. The quality of its production mainly depends on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the edge and surface decoration and the quality of the plate port. The board for making panel furniture has quality requirements for the flatness, verticality and angle of the panel components in the cutting saw. Generally speaking, the cutting technology of the panel is within 0.01 mm per meter, and the precision of the sheet is cut behind the saw. The profile is flat and the angle is good. After the furniture is made, there will be no tilting of the plate. The precision of the saw blade in the sawing also affects the end face and end edge quality of the plate, and the sawing defects such as scratches, chipping, and sag angles also affect the appearance quality of the panel furniture. The side and surface decoration mainly depends on whether the rubber coating on the decorative part is uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the trimming is smooth and smooth, whether the end face of the visible part such as the side plate, the door panel and the drawer panel of the component is sealed, and the decoration is finished. There is no trace of adhesion on the edge of the fine board. Assembling the assembly mainly depends on whether the hole at the hole is exquisite and tidy. Whether the connector is firm after installation, whether there is a gap between the plane and the end face, and there is no looseness in the hand. Whether the gap between the door and the drawer is too large, generally requires between 1mm and 2mm, and whether the opening and pulling of the door and the drawer are flexible and free.

Third, the quality of metal parts, plastic parts Nanning office furniture - panel furniture are used metal parts, plastic parts as fastening connectors, so the quality of metal parts also determines the quality of the furniture inside the panel furniture. The metal parts are required to be dexterous, smooth, and surface-plated, and there is no rust, burr, etc., and the precision of the fittings is higher. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance and bright in color. The parts of the force in use should have strength and elasticity, and should not be too thin. The open connection requires flexible rotation, and the spring inside is tightly fitted so that the furniture will be smooth, easy and free of friction when it is opened.

Fourth, the main size of panel furniture is currently mainly based on complete sets of bedroom furniture and office furniture. In addition, there are also multi-functional film and television electrical cabinets and other products. National standards for the main dimensions (ie functional dimensions) of furniture are subject to regulatory requirements. For example, the depth of the space in the hanging closet should be greater than or equal to 530mm, the distance from the upper edge of the hanging stick to the upper surface of the hanging long coat should be 1400mm or more, and the height of the table furniture should be 680mm-760mm, the middle drawer of the writing desk. The middle clearance height from the lower edge to the ground height shall be greater than or equal to 580mm, and the clearance height between the bookcase layers shall be greater than or equal to 520mm. The above main dimensions, please pay attention when purchasing, because if the furniture is smaller than the specified size, it will bring a lot of inconvenience when used, affecting the use of furniture. If the depth of the large wardrobe space is too small, it will affect the phenomenon that the door is closed due to the hanging clothes. 5. Formaldehyde release plate furniture is generally based on particleboard and medium density fiberboard. The national standard for the amount of formaldehyde released in the board is specified. The particle board specifies that the formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 50 mg per 100 g, and the formaldehyde emission of the medium density fiberboard is less than or equal to 40 mm per 100 g. Formaldehyde, also known as formalin, is a harmful toxic substance that has a certain impact on human health. If the consumer opens the door and drawer when purchasing, he can smell a irritating odor, causing tears or coughing in the eyes, indicating that the amount of formaldehyde released in the furniture exceeds the standard requirements, and such furniture should not be purchased.

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