Unexpectedly, you are such a washbasin...

Most people do not have too many concepts for the washbasin. After all , it is just a tool that we use every day. However , after reading these anti-wash basin designs, Xiaobian silently understands what it means to be a magical! â–²The designer can not only design all kinds of stylings, but also the magicians of light and shadow. The printing of wash basins is reflected on the table below. It is really too immortal! â–² comes with cutting area, this wash basin will be the highlight of the entire kitchen. â–² Fantastic light blue pelvic floor, people who love the sea must not miss. â–²Washing water can be used directly to flush the toilet. It is really good for recycling! â–² This is an upgraded version of the previous model. A small countertop was also designed in front of the toilet. â–² There are other colors available, and the outflow of water can also be colorful, amazing! â–² Combination of washbasin and storage, practical and beautiful. â–² There are special areas for washing feet? It turned out to be a mother basin, my friends love... â–² This is really a wash basin instead of a fish tank? â–²Tall, the Zen in your mouth is probably this tone. â–² Change goldfish and water to milk so that you can wash your face with milk! â–² Like a full-fledged toolbox, can I wash this hand basin? â–² Invisible wash basin, but also a faint blue light. â–² With a flip, when not in use, it can also be used as a seat. â–² like this one, simple and stylish! â–² When I saw this, I suddenly remembered my grandfather's phrase "What bicycle!" â–² This set of buds sprouted up. The pattern of this cow is really cute! â–² minimalist style, it looks very comfortable. â–² The last time I came to a little fresh, I thought it was a desk.

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