The advantages and disadvantages of eucalyptus choose to avoid the four errors

Alder is commonly known as coffin. Heavy, hard, slow growth, clear distinction between heartwood and sapwood. Straight or oblique texture, strong resistance to water and corrosion, processing is difficult, but the cut surface is smooth, wear-resistant, high bonding requirements, paint coloring, finishing performance is good. Domestic furniture manufacturers use coffins as raw materials. What are the advantages and disadvantages of eucalyptus? Let's take a look at it right away.
【Advantages of Tochigi】

The eucalyptus has obvious structural features, such as luster, obvious annual growth ring, ring and hole material, and beautiful and unique texture. The texture of the string is strong and elegant, and the radial texture is elegant and elegant. It has both its unique decoration effect and many This kind of decoration style matches and is favored by consumers. In addition, the coffin has high strength, beautiful texture, impact resistance and elasticity, corrosion resistance, and good adhesive performance, and is a good wood species for floor use.
[Defects of Tochigi]
1) Slow growth, long growth cycle (hundreds of years), fewer high quality species.
2) The cementation requirement is very high and it is easy to crack at the joints.
3) The processing is difficult and there are many processing defects.
[Choose four mistakes in avoiding cypress wood]

Misunderstanding 1: Laying paved big core board, some consumers in order to overly pursue the sense of foot, like to add a layer of big core board on the keel. In fact, the quality of large core boards varies greatly, and poor quality large core boards will affect the quality of oak flooring. Therefore, if consumers have to pursue an excessively high foot feeling, they must choose the famous brand Daixin products sold on the market.
Myth #2: Only re-purchase heavy-duty pavements. There are direct-paste method, keel-laying method and suspended paving method for oak flooring. No matter which paving method is adopted, we must choose a good construction team and insist on “six no-shops”. The wall is wet and leaky, the ground is not dry, the unevenness is not paved; the mixed construction is not paved; the use of inferior accessories is not paved; the construction period is too short to implement the procedure without paving; the product is found to have quality problems without paving; absolutely no flatness is required. .
Misconception 3: Do not pay attention to routine maintenance, some consumers believe that wood flooring products do not have to be overly careful maintenance, use mops to directly scrub the floor, do not worry about the heating water, so that the floor product is prone to discoloration, deformation, cracks, etc. problem. When using wood flooring, it is important to regularly maintain the floor as required by the manufacturer.

Misunderstanding 4: Solid wood flooring is not environmentally friendly, and some consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with multi-layer glue between veneer, oak solid wood composite floor in the higher formaldehyde content, not environmental protection. In fact, as long as the amount of formaldehyde released from solid wood flooring is controlled within the scope of national standards, it can be used with confidence.
Xiao Bian concludes: The above Xiao Bian introduced the advantages and disadvantages of Bianmu for everyone and hoped to help everyone. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform.

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