Wooden tub bathtub size

In today's highly competitive society, we need to completely relax ourselves. As a result, the other culture of ancient bathing, the bathing barrel, is becoming more and more popular with everyone. It is no longer the picture of beauty in the bath in the TV series, and gradually entered thousands of households! It uses natural hydraulic shock massage, which not only enhances cardiopulmonary function, but also quickly reduces fatigue. The following Xiaolan will give you a detailed introduction to the barrel bathtub and how to enjoy the barrel bath? Let's take a look! 

    The wooden tub bathtub is made of natural materials, no pollution, no radiation, no static electricity, strong heat preservation, and easy to clean. Putting yourself in the wooden tub will give you a meticulous and considerate feeling. Put some powder in the wooden tub for bathing, Soak the feet and allow the overheating effect of the wooden barrel to stimulate the meridian qi to ventilate the blood, so that the powder can penetrate into the acupoints and be absorbed by the skin. Through the blood, lymph circulation and that the powder spread meridian organs, organ balance adjusted so as to achieve therapeutic, prophylactic, skin, lose weight, especially dermatological, arthritic effect is remarkable.

Many people did not pay attention to them when they were young and later developed arthritis. The treatment effect is very significant after long-term use of wooden tub bathtubs for bathing with some medicinal materials. Everyone wants to have health. In such a high-pressure life, taking a bath to liberate yourself has become the best way. After half an hour of bathing, you can feel a little sweating, which can speed up blood circulation while also speeding up detoxification. For those who want to lose weight but have difficulty persisting, choosing a bath is also a good choice.

  1 What are the advantages of the barrel?

1. Environmentally friendly solid wood barrels have a unique touch. Wood of different tree species can give people different feelings of cold and warm, rough and slippery, soft and hard, dry and wet, light and heavy, and its tactile characteristics are closely related to the structure of the wood. Relevant, giving people a natural feeling. Moreover, the wood absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, and is very environmentally friendly when used in the home after wind and rain.

2. The health-preserving wooden tub bathtub will not be as cold as other appliances. The solid wood has good heat preservation performance and slow cooling. Bathe in a wooden barrel for 20 minutes at a time to enhance cardiopulmonary function and relieve fatigue. Adding a few drops of essential oils can also beautify the skin and lose weight . In addition, we all know that when using pure natural wood to bathe, blood circulation can be increased. Using the principle of water pressure shock, it can also achieve the effect of automatic massage, which is very good for our blood vessels. benefit.

3. Save water resources. Because the material of the wooden tub bathtub has better heat preservation, the body temperature of the person is in balance with the temperature of the water during the bath. Generally, acrylic bathtubs installed in homes need to heat water every certain period of time, but wooden tub bathtubs do not need to do this. Therefore, to reduce the waste of water resources to a certain extent, it is a kind of saving for household expenses and water resources.

4. Good heat preservation performance The wooden tub bathtub is currently the most emerging sanitary ware, and it is being welcomed by more and more renovation owners. Most of them are made of cedar wood. It has the advantages of environmental protection and health care. It has a special flavor for bathing with it, good heat preservation performance, small bathroom space requirements, and convenient movement.

5. The wooden tub bath has no static electricity and has good heat preservation performance. According to the test, at room temperature, the hourly temperature drops only 35°C. Generally, there is no problem in soaking for 2 hours (about 10 times higher than traditional acrylic, cast iron, and enamel). The space requirement for the bathroom is small: the wooden barrel is high and soaks when sitting, so even a 1.2-meter-long wooden barrel can be soaked comfortably. Can meet the requirements of those small bathrooms. Moreover, because the installation is very simple, it is suitable for relocation and recycling. In order to adapt to the health function of bathing, it can be combined with medicated bath liquids with different functions.

  2 bath barrel bathtub in several ways effect?

Petal bath : Sprinkle the rose petals one by one into the wooden bucket, so that the whole body is surrounded by petals. The long woody and light floral scents linger around you at the same time, as if you have entered a fairy tale world. Flower bath can be called a family "SPA", which not only relaxes the body and mind, but also has the effect of beauty and skin rejuvenation.

Milk bath : Put half a bucket of water in a wooden barrel, then pour one liter of fresh milk, stir well and soak in the bath for about 20 minutes. You can also massage your skin while bathing. The combination of milky fragrance and woody fragrance is also human and natural The perfect combination. Milk bath can not only whiten the skin, but also give the skin the best moisturizing and maintenance in the cold and dry winter. Long-term use can increase skin elasticity and delay aging.

Aromatherapy bath : Drop 4~5 drops of essential oil in a wooden barrel or light an aroma lamp next to the barrel. The vapor in the barrel and the essential oil are fused, which can be fully absorbed by the human body, and the body and fitness are not wrong.

Medicated bath : Medicinal bath has a long history in our country. You can choose herbs such as lavender and peony, or use coarse-grain medicinal materials such as fried barley to bathe. The curative effect of these traditional Chinese medicines will be better displayed in the bath to achieve the best effect. The medicinal materials used for beauty and fitness can be made and taken by yourself, while the medicated bath for treatment needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Bubble bath : Bubble bath is a form of bathing favored by young women and children. Adding bubbles in a rustic wooden barrel must have a special taste. The bubble bath has a variety of colors and effects. You can choose according to your needs and preferences. You can also use it with bath salts for better moisturizing and moisturizing effects.

  How to buy 3 barrels bathtub, maintenance?

Look at appearance : The well-made bath tub has a smooth surface, a delicate hand feel, and a good joint between the plate and the plate, and between the barrel and the hoop.

Specific weight : For tubs of the same specification and size, spruce is lighter, oak and cedar are heavier; spruce tubs are cheaper, and oak and cedar wood tubs are more expensive.

Look at the certificate : Generally speaking, good products have passed quality certification, and the quality and after-sales service are relatively guaranteed.

It depends on whether it is deformed after filling with water : a good tub has excellent materials and fine workmanship, and generally rarely deforms, while a poor quality tub will cause the metal band to become tight or loose. In terms of the manufacturing process, the wood of the wooden barrel is After high temperature drying treatment, the moisture content of the wood is controlled at about 12%.

Maintenance : Due to differences in regions and use environments, users in the north need to perform some basic maintenance during use, while in the south, they do not need maintenance because the air is humid!

1. When the wooden barrel leaves the factory, it will be coated with a layer of tung oil, so in the first few days of purchase, you must keep the bathroom air circulating and open the window regularly to avoid the pungent smell in the home.

2. Water seepage occurs in the initial test. This is a normal phenomenon. After filling the water, you should soak for more than 12 hours to fully infiltrate the wooden barrel. The seepage phenomenon of the wooden barrel will stop. If there is any problem, you should contact the manufacturer in time. .

3. Because the wood itself will expand and contract with heat, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or cold wind. If it is not used for more than two months for a long time, the wooden barrel can be soaked and sealed with a large plastic bag to prevent the air from taking away moisture.

4. It is best to put a little water when not in use to make it absorb water and keep the wood saturated and moist, but not too much water, because the bathroom itself has certain humidity. Be careful not to keep the dirty water after bathing, so as to prevent the wood from absorbing sewage and accelerating aging or producing mildew.

5. After the barrel is used for a period of time, the iron wire fixed outside the barrel will be loose. At this time, the barrel can be upside down first, then the iron wire is tightened, and hot water is added to continue using it.

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