How does a flooring company position differentiated marketing and optimize blue ocean strategy?

How difficult is differentiation?

The competition in the flooring industry can be described as fierce, but behind fierce market competition, there are endless low-level marketing competitions. All the promotion themes are centered on prices, and buy-gift activities can be seen everywhere. For the design and implementation of marketing activities, there is no follow-up to the actual situation of their respective companies, differentiated positioning, and differentiated marketing with the core competitiveness of the flooring companies.

In the book “Positioning”, positioning is defined in this way. Positioning is to determine the position of a certain thing in a certain environment, such as the positioning of products in the market, the positioning of people in organizations, and the positioning of goods in a certain geographical location. Wait. For the flooring companies, it is through the analysis of their own core competitiveness to achieve differentiated positioning in order to achieve their own advantages. Under the highly homogenized market environment, floor companies are seeking to differentiate their marketing behaviors and achieve sales improvement through differentiated marketing. This requires the floor industry colleagues in China to think well and how to use marketing practices. And marketing innovation to achieve differentiated marketing.

How does a flooring company optimize its blue ocean strategy and find a breakthrough in the Red Sea?

The fierce price war in the flooring industry has made the floorboard industry's marketing staff breathless. Here has just ended a promotional event, and the promotional activities there have started immediately. The development of promotional activities is all about the price war. The result is endless low-level competition, giving consumers an impression that the price of the floor is very large. Many people outside the flooring industry always lament that the profits of the flooring industry are so thin. Selling the floor is a face, it is the blue sea of ​​the development of China's floor industry, and it is also a road that the flooring industry must find.

How to optimize the blue ocean strategy in the flooring industry and find a breakthrough in the fierce Red Sea? On the one hand, floor companies must strive to improve their core competitiveness and transform their products into market advantages with professional technical advantages. For example, if a floor company has a strong advantage in floor surface treatment, then this floor company will continue to consolidate and improve its own advantages in floor surface treatment so as to realize its own advantages and build its own blue ocean.

The said innovation marketing is based on the company's own advantages, in an innovative way to achieve their own sales goals or brand communication goals. Understanding from the innovation marketing itself, innovation marketing can not be separated from innovation, and innovation is reflected in the company's continuous trial of marketing practices. Sanxiang floor the marriage of the appliance industry is an innovation, but many of the floor companies to emulate but not to mention innovation.

In the field of building materials sales, the floor has positioned itself as a consumer durable product, so it uses the model of durable consumer goods for marketing; while the paint industry also positions itself as a consumer durable product, the paint industry sells it in a fast-moving consumer goods model. Of course, floors and paints differ in the value and positioning of products. However, it is necessary for the flooring industry in the paint industry to conduct research and study.

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