The decoration tips teach you to create a refreshing and practical beauty kitchen

>>> Kitchen decoration is a perfect kitchen

Who does not want his kitchen to be refreshing and bright? A comfortable kitchen environment plays a vital role in the health of the family. How to design a beautiful and practical happy kitchen, 12 strokes give you 12 summer care!

1 Releasing freely, releasing operating space

The pantry is still too luxurious for many people. So enough "desktop" is particularly important, at least can accommodate a cutting board, two cooked dishes and some materials for the use of space. Otherwise, it will give people no feeling of turning. You can consider adding a shrinking function to your design. When you use it, pull it out. When you're done use it, return it immediately.

2 "Golden Triangle", Designing Basic Homework

The "Golden Triangle" means that your stove, sink, and freezer should be triangular. The space in the triangle is where you stand. That way, you don't need to run back and forth, as long as you turn to get the material you need to deal with. This is especially important for large kitchens.

3 hide it, except for the bottle of flowers

The kitchen must not only have enough space for collection but also have enough working space. Some people like to put bread, snacks, alcohol, sugar and salt, all on the work surface. In fact, the work surface is not suitable for a lot of debris. Not only messy, but also because of kitchen fumes, soon became dirty. In addition to a bottle of flowers, all scattered things should be put into the appropriate collection space.

4 Collection space, liberated from behind the door

There are two main storage spaces, closet type and drawer type. The closet type is to open a door. Behind the door is a collection space. Usually we have to climb high drilled low places to stuff stuff. Drawer type is to liberate the collection space from behind the door. You don't bow down and you need to find things directly in front of you. However, when selecting, special attention must be paid to the material of the roller shaft. The ideal material can withstand reasonable weight, and will not leave part of the space where you can not see.

5 Space-specific, not too clear

There are many kinds of intervals in the drawer. Bottles are bottled and bowls are bowls. This is of course lovely and neat, but remember that our needs and supplies are constantly updated. The higher the specificity of space, the lower the chance of continuing to use it in the future.

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