Pre-construction wall condition inspection and treatment

There are many steps in the construction of the wall. Before the construction, inspections must be done because the conditions of each wall are different. If there are special circumstances, special treatment should be done to ensure the quality of the wall construction. In general, the wall has the following three conditions.
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Condition 1: Cement wall. This is a common situation when new homes are delivered. A thorough inspection shall be made of whether the cement wall surface to be painted is firm and flat. If the wall is not strong enough or there are large cracks and holes, it is recommended to complain about the developer or property and ask them to redo or repair it.
Situation 2: White walls. Now that many commercial houses are already white walls, the seemingly clean ones may actually be more hidden. First of all, we must check the firmness of the current wall and see if the existing white material is resistant to water. If it is not water-resistant or water-resistant, from a long-term use point of view, rework should be scraped out and, for short-term use, it can be retained, but it is better to do another curing step. At the same time, it should also be checked as a whole whether there is an empty drum on the wall. In the event of an empty drum, it must be shoveled out. Other inspection items are the same as in the first case.
Case 3: The wall has been decorated. The wall surface has been decorated with wallpaper or latex paint, which is a common situation in second-hand housing. In general, the original surface decoration should be removed before the second decoration. If it is a wallpaper, the wallpaper should be removed first. If it is a latex paint, the latex paint should be polished first. After the surface decoration is removed, reference may be made to Scenario 2 to determine if the wall should be scraped.
NO.1 Checking whether the wall surface is firm and smooth is a step of checking the house. Look at the wall is not strong, for the cement wall, you can do this: find a hard point of the object (such as keys, screwdrivers, etc.), draw a stroke in the wall to see if it will draw a pit and dregs serious. There are no shortcuts to finding cracks and holes, but only care and patience.
NO.2 kitchen bathroom water more, it is recommended that the best wall tile, the top wall is best to do ceiling.
NO.3 In case of a white wall, check whether the material is water resistant by following the following method: Find a piece of wall, splash a little water, and rub it by hand to see if it will become white pulp. If the white layer can be completely punctured by hand, there is no water resistance. If the hand is covered with white when it is handcuffed, but this layer of white material cannot be destroyed, it means that the material has certain water resistance, so you can find more points to test. When hand rubbed, almost white on the hand is not sticky, it shows that the water resistance is very good. [wall to listen to my copyright]
NO.4 White wall water resistance is not good, but for some reason (such as short-term residence) is not willing to do wall treatment, you should do a good job curing. For details, see step 3.
NO.5 In addition to water resistance, emptying is a big issue that must be taken seriously. Although some developers currently use water-resistant materials (such as water-resistant putties) on the surface, they use inferior gypsum powders for leveling. After a short time, they will show empty cracks. Even longer, they may even appear as a whole. Cracking. In the face of this kind of hollowing, it is best to shovel out redo!
NO.6 Check whether the old wall is solid: 1 visually check whether there is peeling, cracking, and drumming, and if it is not strong, 2 look for a blunt instrument (such as a small hammer) to knock on the wall to check if there is empty drum, and if so, Solid; 3 After the latex paint is polished off and splashed with water, shovel with a shovel to see if it is easy to shovel off, if it can be easily shoveled off, it is not strong.
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