Decoration accessories can not save

Think about it carefully, are we often paying more attention to the purchase of the main material during the renovation? The selected decoration company will provide all decoration accessories. Since many people are not very knowledgeable about these basic materials, they generally look at the lists provided by the other party and finally put great energy on the “face engineering” of the decoration. . However, home decoration and accessories are just as important as the main material.

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The performance of accessories directly affects the quality of decoration

Consumers are different from professionals, and they cannot understand all kinds of decoration materials comprehensively. In particular, different types of materials are used in different types of decoration work. However, they cannot be used because they have many accessories and they cannot be visualized in the decoration effect. Embodied to not pay attention to decoration accessories.

The quality of cement mortar directly affects the floor pavement

Decoration accessories such as cement, mortar, putty and so on are all the basis for renovations. The basic projects are not good, and even the best designs are difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

For the simplest example, if the cement mortar used is not correct and the quality is too low, it will directly affect the paving of the wall tiles and floor tiles. Even if it will not be used for a long time, the phenomenon of falling bricks will occur.

The quality of accessories affects the environmental quality of decoration

In addition, consumers are now paying more and more attention to the environmental protection of interior decoration. Everyone's focus is on the paint, and the water-based environmental performance is higher than that of oil.

In addition, the use of custom furniture, sheet, veneer, etc., there are also hidden environmental problems, especially all kinds of plastic, which all contain more or less formaldehyde, which is also the consumers should pay more attention. Especially if there are children and the elderly in the home, these materials should be avoided when decorating. For example, water-based wall paint can be used instead of wallpaper.

Accessories affect the degree of waterproofing

Another example is that waterproofing is a concealed project in decoration. The quality of waterproof material may not appear immediately after the renovation, but after a period of use, if the waterproof material is not closed, causing leakage, it will not only affect the normal use of neighbors. In serious cases, it is also necessary to break everything and re-waterproof, which is not worth the candle.

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