Renovation of the old house and the live broadcasting of the new ceiling on the ceiling of my ceiling

Although the old house was remodeled and renovated, it would be no different from the new house. Perhaps it would be more comfortable to live in than the new house. Oh, look forward to my transformation. Although it was a trade-in, my family and I still spent a lot of hard work.

Today's construction is coming to the ceiling. I was in the ceiling of the Shanghai Group Purchase Network. The integrated ceiling of Fuyue. I heard that my friend said it was good. I came to the exhibition hall for the rich. The boards and the electrical appliances were all taken seriously. feel pretty good. In this way, they set their ceilings. On the one hand, I feel that the more important thing is the after-sale protection. When delivery, their delivery staff gave me a gold card. It was written very clearly, such as electrical appliances. , Plates have a warranty period, ah, it seems my choice is OK.

In order to have a comparison before and after, the first picture of the kitchen and bathroom before the installation for everyone to see.

Wells Tiles Mona Tiles

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